Meet Jackson…

If you are new or old to my blogs you probably haven’t been properly introduced to my sweet boy Jackson. He’s turning 11 months this week. Everything I have made has been for this child.

My first animals were made to be part of a mobile that was never constructed. MoMo the Octopus, my fish, the Berry Babies and several of the animals are all used in regular rotation as playthings for Jack. He cuddles, kisses and loves them all.

Jack is also the reason I only get out about one pattern a month right now. He’s walking, climbing shelves and rarely naps. He keeps him Mama very busy…but I wouldn’t dream of complaining. He’s a handful but he’s a worth every chase and catching him is always filled with laughs and kisses.

So meet my muse, my inspiration to create, my love…

My Jackson



2 thoughts on “Meet Jackson…

  1. C says:

    Wow… He’s such a handsome kid. You make cute animals AND cute kids.

  2. JulieFrick says:

    Oh, he’s a beauty! I know how you feel about your little man. I can’t get enough of mine. So lucious. Someday I will figure out this crochet business and make him a few things. In the meantime, he LOVES his Ramona (Christmas edition) and gives her many, many kisses.

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