Mush post about my son.

I really needed to get some work done on Tuesday, so I sent my little guy home with my Mom for the night so I could bang out a whole doll in one day. Doing a doll a day would be IMPOSSIBLE with Jackson here underfoot. He requires way too much attention for that.
When he left, I cried a little. My heart hurt. I “knew” he’d be fine and I “knew” it was ok, but my heart didn’t know anything. It broke.
This was the second time in his life that we’d been seperated overnight. This horrible feeling when he leaves is why it’s been so rare.

When I went to pick him up yesterday, he didn’t come running, he did beam with delight, he went about his play hardly noticing me. Or, as my husband theorizes, he was mad at me.
I picked him up, held him on my lap and whispered “I missed you” in his ear. Like magic he rested his head on my chest and then gave me kisses. All was forgiven.
Last night, we played and laughed, chased and tickled. I am so glad to have him back where he belongs. In my arms.


One thought on “Mush post about my son.

  1. Mama Urchin says:

    I’m doubtful he was mad. My guess would be that he was totally comfortable with your mom, which is a good thing.

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