Yarn Review

I’m aware that my yarn reviews are a little Lion Brand heavy right now. That’s because, for the time being, I am working on commisions for them. I am going to be objective though.

Today’s review:

Lion Brad describes it:
Quick and easy to work, velvety soft, 2 ply brushed 100% acrylic that looks like mohair.

My take:
*note: I am crocheting with this yarn…so my experience ends there.*
I made MoMo out of Jiffy.
MoMo the Octopus
I also made this bear:
I am currently making a “creature” out of it.

Things I like about it:
It really does work up really quick without looking bulky and strange.
It holds its shape really well.
I get to whip out my 6.0mm hook for it. I never get to use that.
It’s fun and fluffy.
Things I don’t care for:
It’s fluffy enough that frogging is a pain. Tangle city.
I wish there were more colors.

So, the good definately outweighs the bad. Good for beginners for the bulk and quickness…not so good for beginners who make lots of mistakes.
I would say that it works best for those who don’t need to frog much…Yikes.
But…I’m still gonna work with it because it works up so nice. But I work by trial and error and I frog a lot…so I know from which I speak in this case. Frogging…Ooooo.


One thought on “Yarn Review

  1. wendi says:

    Wow, that must have been a REALLY BIG octopus!

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