We Love Pumpkins!

Everyone was doing it, and since I am such a lemming, the fam and I went to a pumpkin farm yesterday!
It was Live Oak Farm in Yucaipa, California. They do pumpkins in the fall and christmas trees in the winter. I think we’ll go back for our tree this year.

DSC04961 DSC04871

Jackson took a while to get into it. He was a little grouchy at first. But once we set him free and let him walk around the huge farm on his own, he was happy. Boy, we tried to pick him up to move things along, and he was not having it at all! He’d pitch a serious fit anytime we tried…we still did, but it was very noisy.

DSC04845 DSC04861

But seriously, the farm was amazing. We had the best time. There was a huge pumpkin patch (seen above) where you could pick your own pumpkin. Unfortunately for us, it had been pretty much desimated by the time we arrived. But there was also a market with every variety of pumpkin you could want. We walked out with 4! One of them was a white one.

DSC04999 DSC05014

Also, there were rides and a whole petting zoo with goats walking on these high scafolds. I’m sure I’m a city slicker, but I hadn’t seen anything like it before. But the real star of the show, the farm itself. The flowers, the pine trees smelled amazing. Now I really want to go camping.

DSC04878  DSC05022

DSC04938 DSC04918 DSC04942

So, if you haven’t had enought pumpkin pictures…check out my flickr page by clicking on any of these photos. I have them all in one set. I couldn’t even get to posting all the good ones!

Now, I am off to work. Creature #3 for LB beckons.


One thought on “We Love Pumpkins!

  1. wendi says:

    What beautiful pictures! Can’t wait to see your Lion Brand animals! Please let us know when we can check them out.

    Have a good time on Kauai. I live on Oahu. Never went site seeing on Kauai.

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