Have I mentioned that I’ll be taking a trip to Hawaii? Oh yes, I am! It’s my first time, too! I’m a Hawaii virgin and I’m excited to go.
My whole family is going, including my parents and my brother’s family. We’re all heading to the island of Kauai. Google images of what I’ll be seeing soon:
From what I’ve read, Kauai is more about outdoor adventure rather than tourist traps. Don’t think I’m bad mouthing tourist stuff…I LOVE tourist traps. This time I’m will to go and relax and drive around and look at the majectic beauty of this island. The husband and I are fans of the “drive”. We love to go exploring our area in the car, taking the road less traveled. I like to get lost.
We’ll be there for Jackson’s first birthday. Quite a way to celebrate his big “1”. Even though he won’t remember it, he can always say he was in Hawaii on his very first birthday. Maybe he’ll feel a connection to it somehow.
And don’t worry, I’m bringing my laptop and it’ll business as usual for roxycraft!


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