Oh mess.

After the last few weeks of feverishly pumping out 5, count em, 5 dolls, my little corner was a huge yarny mess.
DSC05085 DSC05091
I just finished cleaning it all back up and I feel so much better. I am normally a pretty neat person. I am not a clean freak, but I like the place tidy. But working non-stop and chasing a young boy around hasn’t given my ample time to organize my corner. I mean, I had to move the couch to get in there…you need a block of time for that.
But I have finished doll #3 for LB.
Only one left and then it’s back to business. Next on my agenda is at least one more free christmas ornament pattern. Hooray.


One thought on “Oh mess.

  1. Camili says:

    All your patterns are very cute!

    Do you know where and when Lion Brand will release your doll patterns? Also, do you have any plans to do a dragonfly/butterfly series. I see you have a bee but no butterflies or dragonflies yet.

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