I am done with my LB design work! I would show you pictures but LB requested that I do not.

Good news-I’m back to designs you can see! I’m currently working on another Christmas ornament pattern that will be free,Free,FREE! Who doesn’t love free.

Now…my weekend:
I went to a small craft fair that I heard about through myspace. I met a super nice girl who I am myspace friends with (she sent out the invite). She runs http://kannissaclothing.etsy.com which has adorable kids clothes. I bought a really cute onesie for my nephew. Loved it.
I also purchased a couple hats for Jackson from the other vendors. It was like 90 degrees out and there was no shade so we moved on pretty quick.
Then it was off to the fancy pant kids store. I knew they sold Robeez and was thinking of picking up a new pair for Jack. I ended up buying him a pair of Pedipeds instead. These ones:

They are really cute and I’ve been wanting a pair of soft soled brown shoes for him.
Off to Juicy Juice where I purchased a very very Orangy drink. Too Orangy.
Prompty followed by camera fun in the car:
DSC05116 DSC05108 DSC05111
At 5:30pm, I decided I would like to go to Joann’s. We all got in the car and drove past the church across the street. The sign said “Saturday Service 6pm”.
We went to church.
I haven’t been to church willingly in more that 10 years. I liked it. I liked going to church. I didn’t however like the pastor so much. I disagreed with him on many points. He was also long winded and monotone. I was pretty bored when I wasn’t offended. So we’re gonna start church shopping and see if there is a better fit. Too bad though, this church was like 5 steps from my house. Oh well.
After church, we went and bought Nacho Libre and rented The Breakup, which we watched last night. The break up was OK. I wasn’t thrilled and I was glad I didn’t just buy it like I was planning to. It was pretty much like watching a breakup and that’s really no fun at all.
Nacho Libre was watched today, but it was good as I expected. I think it’ll be one that grows on me too. That’s how Napoleon Dynamite was for me too…much funnier in subsiquent viewings.

Was a pretty boring day. I basically hauled butt and finished my last doll for LB, typed up patterns, watched Jackson, ate entirely too much fast food and other vegetative type activities.
Around 9pm, Billy decided to carve a pumpkin with Jack. I got a few shots:DSC05144
and when it’s all over:

And if I don’t blog tomorrow…
Happy Halloween everyone!


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