Halloween ’06

We just got back from taking Jackson Trick or Treating for the first time. Let me tell ya, I’m glad there’s a whole year before I have to do that again. Jackson was great, but my husband cannot handle stress of any kind really…and I cannot handle him when he’s stressed. It’s really funny.
Also, because my kid is not quite one year old, I felt like an ass. People asked if it was ok to give him candy. Um, no. “We’re just here to show off our kid…Happy Halloween!”
Also, I think we headed out too early. We started at like 5:30pm. No one is even home! It was pathetic. We only went to a couple apartments before I told Billy to pack it in.
I just keep telling myself…”next year will be better.” I’ll leave Billy at home!

It wouldn’t be a Halloween post without pictures of adorable babies in costumes…
He’s a monkey not a bear…

First door we went to. I thought that having pumpkins out was a good sign.

Yep, I put a leash on my kid. He’s one and he can run…need I say more? The leash did come in handy for meltdowns and temper tantrums though. Oh, and handy place to hold the bucket.

The Haul…yep, there’s a granola bar in there.

Happy Halloween from Rancho Cucamonga!


2 thoughts on “Halloween ’06

  1. Jessica says:

    what a cute monkey! we were just teasing my 15 yo brother this weekend about putting him on a leash when he was a child. he was a wild one too!

  2. Michele says:

    Where did you find the leash for your son? I’ve been looking all over town for one like that, and no one seems to know where to get them.

    I love your crochet. Thank you for having Patterns That Don’t Suck! I’ve bought a couple of collections from you and really like them. And thank you thank you thank you for the free patterns!

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