Rory The Reindeer

Are you ready for Christmas?

It’s time to  start making presents and decorations. This year,  wants to give you an early present! Free Ornament Patterns! You’ve seen  “Santa Baby”, now #2 has arrived!


  Meet “Rory the Reindeer”!
  He’s free, he’s easy to make…so what are you waiting for!



6 thoughts on “Rory The Reindeer

  1. Rita says:

    Just printed this and can’t wait to try it! Also, can’t wait for that snowman. We love snowmen which is weird being in Houston where we sometimes can have an 80 degree Christmas!

  2. Jhoanna says:

    Wow, this is amazing! You’re so generous to offer free patterns on your creations.

  3. Thanita says:

    love it!

  4. Leslie says:

    Adorable! Wish I could do this. My mom will appreciate this one…

  5. carolb says:

    Thanks! I’ll use that one. They’re so cute!

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