Tired, Tired…tired.

I just finished my reindeer ornament. It’s cute! I’ll take pictures of it during Jackson’s naptime and I should have the pattern up this evening. I have also started on a snowman head ornament…but I’m out of 9mm eyes. Dang. Maybe I’ll talk my mom into going to Joann’s with me. It is the Mega Joann’s.

I am really getting tired of making “amigurumi”. I’m sick of the name, sick of the trend…sick. I like making dolls, but I like making other things too. I might be taking a break from pattern writing at least. I think I might start building a stock of items to sell in my shop. A lot of people say that they are disappointed that that can buy something tangible from me…so I might spend some time exploring my design abilites in other arenas. Stupid?

In the meantime, expect at least one more free ornament pattern from me, maybe more, this month.

Also…the sale for my mailing list folks is still going on. Just an FYI.


2 thoughts on “Tired, Tired…tired.

  1. Rita says:

    Yes – take a break from the amigurumi. It is nice to make something that doesn’t have to have it’s appendages sewn on. Like a scarf or hat. Make a few different things and then you’ll be ready to tackle the critters again. (But finish the snowman ornament first! Please?)

  2. Tracy says:

    That just scares me. You’re patterns are amazing and I hate the thought of you getting out of making dolls 😦

    Your craft is really been evolving lately and your newest patterns are so much more that standar “amigurumi”. Yours are more tru to life, more realistic than the cartoon over exagerated amigurumi we’re used to seeing. I think your patterns are really unique in this way. It takes an imense amount of skill to create something both realistic and endearing.

    Sure hope you conitinue to make dolls, we love seeing each new and even better creation!

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