Weekend Update…

My weekend is nearly over now and I haven’t updated since Friday…I suppose it’s time for a post!

This weekend was the party for my Mom’s 50th b-day. Happy early birthday Mama. Also, we celebrated the 50th Birthday of my Aunt Jodi…fantastic to see everyone.

Today was errand day! We went to the following stores:

Babies r’ us – got child proofing supplies for rambunctious little one.
Lunch: Rainforest Cafe – my son was in awe of all the animatronic animals. Cute stuff.
Some mall shopping- Bought some stuffed animals for said little one. His birthday is a week from today!
Target – Bought $1 toiletries for trip to Hawaii in 1 week! Small empty bottles for transporting shampoo and what not.
The grocery store – stuff for our Doc Oz diet. Dieting rulz.

Now I’m in for the night. Ginna eat some chinese food, watch Desperate Housewives and veg out.

I finished my ow ornament…pictures and a pattern to follow tomorrow!


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