Bo the Snowman

He’s here…
The new and last of this years ornament patterns has arrived! Bo the Snowman:
Bo the Snowman
Click on the picture to go to the FREE pattern! Heck yes!

In other News:
I’m moving on to a new project. I’m making myself a new wrist purse. Exciting stuff, I know. I can’t decide if I want to crochet or knit it. I think I’ll crochet it because I don’t feel like digging out my needle just yet. Maybe after I do this little bag, I’ll be ready to go and tackle a new doll. BUT, I’m also thinking of making a bunch of small dolls thatyou guys can purchase from me. So then you can own an original doll and skip the work. Maybe I can make a few in time for Christmas Shopping.
If I was to make a doll…which one would you be most interested in purchasing? A small MoMo? A small Pokette?
Suggestions are welcome and appreciated!

Comment, k? 🙂


3 thoughts on “Bo the Snowman

  1. Thanita says:

    Love the snaowman. I showed my neighbor (spelling? i before e except…) anyways, we both love your creations! Keep them coming!

  2. kelly jeanie says:

    So cute! Thanks so much for this pattern.

  3. Sunshyne says:

    this is DEFINITELY going to be a gifter this year, I LOVE IT!

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