Today was an exciting day. I got a pedicure for Hawaii AND I got a package from Australia. It was a great little painting by my flickr friend Andi aka supermix. It’s called “Boydie’s Flying South for the Winter”. Gorgeous, ain’t it?!
Art by superminx

It’s going right up on my wall o’ art. I collect funky fun art like this and have now for about a year. Thank god for etsy…so many great artists are setting up shop there. Fantastic.

I also got an email from a Roxycrafter…Michelle sent me a picture of the finished snowman ornament. I love what she did with it and I thought I would share it with you guys.
my snowman ornament made by Michelle Tang
Cute, huh? Check out more stuff my Michelle on her blog.

If you make something of mine…I always love the chance to see it. I’m even thinking of making up a customer gallery of works finished by you! Fun stuff.


One thought on “art

  1. andi says:

    hello! can you believe i’m at work and googled myself (how awful is that!?!). Anyway… i’d love to see your wall of art if you can take a photo of it. andi (aka superminx).

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