Election Day in Pictures!

I left the house at noon. My car was in the shade and this is how hot it was in the carport:

Then I drove the 30 miles to my parents house. When I arrived there, this was the temp in Monrovia:

After I ate a little lunch (sammich and fruit), we loaded Jack in my Mom’s stroller to go across the street…you know, to the convent.

We were sweating pretty profusely before we even got there…here’s a pic of the outside. I took it while I was walking…there’s a big cross behind those trees:

Then…the walk up. The mountains looked really pretty yesterday. It was hot but there was no smog:

Then walking in: No nun pictures. They weren’t wearing habits anyway. I guess they don’t do that when they retire. Bummer.
DSC05334 DSC05335

And a happy little voter. He voted for Arnold!

Then my SIL and my nephew Owen showed up: (proud Grandma pic)

And that’s basically it. Fun stuff, huh?


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