I couldn’t come up with something to work on yesterday. I really need to just dive in and start crocheting because after 11 days of not doing anything…I’m out of practice. I usually never let a day pass without working on something. I feel very unproductive.

My mom is coming out this afternoon. Maybe I’ll force her to help me finish my wristlet. There is sewing with an actual machine involved and I’m a total spazz about it. I can sew, but I get intimidated by the machine. Plus, it would be my first zipper and I’d rather have her there to guide me through it.

I also need to figure out a good place to sew in my new apartment. Hmmmm.

One thought on “Quagmire

  1. allena says:

    oh bummer i hate when i don’t work on anything and then i still can’t get myself to work.. UGH i feel your pain! don’t be afraid of the sewing machine! it’s your friend. a good place for a sweing machine is where you’ll use it. i like to have mine near a tv so i can sew and watch a show.. but that’s me. i hope you get going again!

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