It’s Thanksgiving again. I can’t believe that it’s already here. That means Christmas is a month away…so I bought an Advent Calendar!
It’s like this one:

only the greem background is red on mine. It’s probably my cheesiest purchase in a while…but I like it. I can’t wait to put a hershey’s kiss behind each door and make a big deal out of opening them each night until Christmas!
It’s Thanksgiving and I’m already gushing over Christmas. What can I say? I am a sucker for the jolly holiday. I already programmed my XM radio to the “Holly” channel. All Christmas, All DAY!
I used to paint little village houses every christmas to add to my village. I haven’t done it the last few years because every spare crafting minute has gone to crocheting dolls…I have a hankering to do it again. I also want to make beaded trees like the ones seen here! Oh Michael’s craft store…you beckon me!

Since it is actually Thanksgiving…some thanks. *inserting my tongue squarely in cheek*

Thank you for my Husband, strong and true.
Thank you for my son and his baby blues.
Thank you for my parents and thier generous hearts.
Thank you for my brother, I still laugh at his farts.
Thank you for my in-laws, so understanding and kind.
Thanks for my apartment, it was a real find!
Thank you for my friends, online and not…
they keep me sane, Lord. That means a lot.
Thank you for yarn, my favorite thing…
Thank you for my life, my *cough* health…
Thanks for everything!

/cheesy poem.

Happy Turkey Day!!!


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