Jackson and Santa…

It was interesting!  We went to Victoria Gardens Mall which is a fabulous outdoor mall that has a beautiful tree up in the main courtyard. Fantastic.
Tree at Victoria Gardens Mall... Jack and Daddy in from the big tree

We forgot the stroller, so we threw Jackson in his little Baby Bjorn. We rarely use it, but I found it very helpful in the airport on our Hawaii trip. I had no idea, until I used the flash, that the piping on the front of the Bjorns was reflective. Weird!
Aren’t they the cutest!?
Daddy and Jackson

Jackson was one of “those” kids that flipped out at the sight of Santa…it was hilarious!
Looking concerned…
santajack 001

And two seconds later…
santajack 002

The poor Santa seemed rejected. He even told Jackson, “Santa loves you” when we were checking out. Awwww. I think it’s early in the season and his skin hasn’t thickened yet.

I love Jackson in the red and white stripes. He looked like the little baby from Labyrinth! I thought the goblins were going to come and take him away. HA!


One thought on “Jackson and Santa…

  1. Leslie says:

    Hey chicka,

    Just browsing the net for baby items…thought I’d stop by your fabulous site! What cute pics of little Jackson…love the jumper too!! Daddy and Jackson look so content. Can’t wait to see you at X-Mas! Your trees are great…like the pom pom one alot. You crafty girl, you!! 🙂 TTYL.

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