It’s been a few days…

but I’m alive. I had relatives over for the weekend so I didn’t have a lot of blogging time.

I feel like I had a productive weekend. I bought a decorated my very first artificial tree. I never thought I would ever have one, but with a little baby around, your perspective changes a bit. I got a small 4.5 footer and decorated it all in gold and red. I love how it looks, but I miss that pine smell…a lot. I might invest in a couple of wreaths to get the smell back in here.

I also managed to make some crafts. I made two trees. One was another pom pom tree and I also made this:
Fun Fur Tree #1
It’s made of fun fur! This is another one that I feel lokks much better in person than on camera…but I love it! I plan to make more!
I also made a few ornaments and what not.


One thought on “It’s been a few days…

  1. sara says:

    That tree is so cute!

    I’ve missed reading your life!

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