Decorations delight!!

Weren’t you dying to see some of my x-mas decorations? I know you were.

My village! I painted them myself! Well, one Billy painted.
My Village

My garland over mirror trick…I do it every year. It’s magic.
Garland over mirror

It is my last name after all…
On top of my HDTV

My Trees!!! I just finished another one this afternoon (not pictured)
Tree Collection

THE tree…
My Christmas Tree

I love Christmas! I finished one more Fun fur tree and it’s big and red and delish! Fun Fur + Tree form = love!


2 thoughts on “Decorations delight!!

  1. sara says:


    did you make that sparkly ball there with your trees? i’m impressed that you painted your own village! crafty lil thang.

  2. Amy says:

    Hiya. One of your biggest fans already as you know from Etsy. I’m thinking of getting a laptop so I can sit in bed all winter and watch what you come up with next, you crazy chick!!! I go to bed at night and my hands and feet are frozen from being up late at the PC keeping up with all your stuff. Big love from Wales xx

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