The Craftiness in pictures…

So, whilst I was in the throws of food poisoning this weekend I did manage to squeak out a few ornaments. And what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t provide pictures of my creations to torture you all with?

One set of them…the one that photographed well at least. Don’t worry, the other sets are super similar. Just a mix of pom poms, pipe cleaners and glitter galore.

One of them up close…that green stuff is fun fur wrapped around a red tinsel pipe cleaner. Genious 😛

The one I think looks best in person…yes Virginia, it’s the ball version of the pom pom tree. It’s large and sparkly. I love it.
Can you spot Rory the Reindeer? or Me?

Well, that’s all for now. I didn’t get any crafting done today besides doing a sub-par job wrapping presents. Off to watch Nip/Tuck.

Night Y’all!


3 thoughts on “The Craftiness in pictures…

  1. allena says:

    that’s really cool i love them! they look so neat! i can’t believe you did that WHILE you were sick you GO!

  2. tevypp says:

    So trusting. The fetisch forum rapidshare pile, buxom slave with freckles and i nudged inside her legs.

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