Oh Bother.

I woke up this morning to a mass of emails from friends and fans informing me that someone was selling one of my free patterns on ebay!
Not only were they violating my copyright by selling them online, they were hotlinking the images right off my own website. That’s the worst kind of lazy thieving.
I guess dumb dumb didn’t realize how small the online craft community is. It doesn’t take long for the word to get around about stealing patterns.
If this kind of thing outrages you as much as it does me, report them to ebay! Maybe if we annoy the heck out of them, they won’t be able to ignore us!

Oh, and the same seller is stealing from other artists as well:

To report to ebay:

And why am I bothered that he called my snail “Slimey the Snail”? It just irks me.

One thought on “Oh Bother.

  1. Mama Urchin says:

    I just reported them on all three items. How disappointing that someone did that. I’m glad someone told you and maybe ebay will do something about it.

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