I resolve…

I resolve to knit today! I don’t know what I am going to knit, but I am going to knit some element into my next doll. I am going to attempt that today!
But I might have to go to Target and get all distracted, but we’ll see.

I’ve got the head of my next doll banged out. I started the body last night. This doll is a little more substantial that the other dolls I made before. And by substantial, I mean bigger. But with crochet, bigger also means it takes considerably longer to make. I had total project ADD. That’s why the little amis appealed to me in the first place. I love a project that takes a day or two to finish.
I’m trying to get more patient in my old age. I am able to keep my focus through longer projects.

On the infringement topic. The ebay seller isn’t banned yet but all but one of thier auctions got delisted by ebay. So victory, yes.
But I noticed this when I was looking through my site meter. I have no idea what language it’s in, google can’t translate it, but it looks an awful lot like a pattern. I’m sure in a situation like that, it would be hard to do anything anyway since they are obviously in another country and I don’t spreak the language.
The bear came out cute enough. Not sure that I care for his collar.


2 thoughts on “I resolve…

  1. jesse says:

    Yay, knitting! I’m very curious to see how you combine the knitting and crochet – I’m sure it will be great.

    On the infringement subject, I’m glad you got somewhere with the ebay seller.

  2. jenn says:

    Hi tamie,
    this is my first time on your blog you have a lot of neat little patterns and dolls. I saw someone selling patterns from a ami book it looks a lot like the ones in ami vol 1,2,3,4. I think it is in the thai lanuage. I dont know why ppl do this knowing that the patterns are copy righted and the ones that ppl put up as a free pattern is even worst when they start trying to sell it on Etsy and ebay. I’m glad that ebay did something about that seller but Etsy dosent do anything at all with the dolls made from books. Unless you can show them that u made it and it was stolen from you.
    I ‘m gonna be trying the baby balnkets and bootie and mitt you desgin. My best friend is having her first child and i know she will love the handmade baby items i make for her. Thank you for sharing all the cute patterns, Jenn

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