The next big development…

So, I have had many requests to buy my dolls in the past. Initially, I sold off everything I made. Then I got sad to see them go. I also caught some flack for not giving most of the toys to my son. So for the last year, I have pretty much kept all my dolls or given them as gifts.
Now, by popular request, I am going to put some dolls up for sale again!
First on the docket, POKES! I am halfway through the first one right now. I haven’t decided if I am going to sell them on etsy or through my site. I think I may just use my site…yell if you think that’s a bad idea. I may even consider ebay…but I am not the biggest fan of ebay, so who knows.
Anywho, just thought I would let you all know so that you can be on the look out for the first doll coming down the pike sometime next week.

-Tamie Snow


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