Somebody stop me!

So I just spent 75 bucks on yarn! OMG! At least it’s tax deductible, right? I went to and stocked up TLC Essentials before it’s gone for good. You can tell that it’s been axed, it deeply discounted right now on thier site and it’s not being restocked in the stores…boo hoo hoo. Oh well, I also loaded up on some LB Wool-ease. They really have some fun colors right now.

In doll news…I’m about 75% done with my next doll. It’s taking me a little longer because I’ve put aside the doll I started on and have moved on to a new doll. I totally got bored with the first one. This one is what I had originally wanted to do, so I’m staying much more interested in it. This doll should be up for sale next week and the pattern will be added to a future collection. I’ll probably make a few more dolls and sell the patterns in a set.

In personal news…I know some of my family members read my blog, so I figured a few pictures of Jackson are long overdue. Here is some fun baby spam to brighten your day:



Lil' Converse

Also: go out and pick up a copy of Adorn Magazine. Some pictures of my dolls are inside! Weeee!


3 thoughts on “Somebody stop me!

  1. Gina says:

    They’re axing TLC Essentials? Noooooooooooooo! I kind of figured they were discontinuing TLC Heathers, because I had a hard time finding that just lately, but the whole LINE!? *faint*

    Cute boy you have there!

  2. Dawn Castro says:

    What a cutie you have!! Such a sweet little boy!

  3. Sunshyne says:

    I want to pinch those cheeeeeks!! So cute!!!

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