Foto Flashback Friday

My friend Jenna started a new blog meme and Flickr group, Foto Flashback Friday.
And because it’s super fun to look back on myself and others in my life, especially now that I’m a Mama, I joining in!

For my first entry:
tamie girl
This is me. I think I am around 2 years old. I like this shot because I think I look very thoughtful in it.  I also see a lot of Jackson in it. We have the same hair, the same nose, the same cheeks and the same lips…how could I not love this picture when it looks so much like my baby. Not to mention, the cuteness of red hoodies and white flowers, the 1980 fade to the picture…real sepia people!

I’ve always felt like this picture was a good representation of me and my personality…is that weird?


3 thoughts on “Foto Flashback Friday

  1. Jenna says:

    OH! I see a lot of Jackson, TOO! 🙂 LOL, I like the quote about “real sepia.” Same here, same here.

    Love it.

  2. Sunshyne says:

    what a great picture – you do look very thoughtful. I purchased 2 of your patterns yesterday.. owlies and ramona..I’m excited!! woo!

  3. sandra says:

    Love your patterns

    do you wholesale?

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