Picture of the week…

I am going to start something today. It’s March 1st, 2 years today I had one of the best days of my life…I found out I was pregnant with Jackson. I was absolutely over the moon that day. The nurses at the doctor’s office said I was the happiest mom-to-be they had seen in a loooong time…and I am sure I was. I was screaming, jumping up and down and dancing around the room. After 3 years of not getting pregnant, trying fertility treatments, getting so many negative test results…this time it was positive. Not to mention that I had stopped trying to get pregnant!

Well, in honor of that day, I am going to start sharing my favorite pictures with you every thursday from here on. Not only will it give me something to blog about (I swear I get blocked all.the.time) but will force me to take more pictures…always a good thing.

So, since today is the anniversary of finding out I was pregnant…heeeere’s Jackson!
Picture of the week…


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