Foto Flashback Friday

This week, we are flashing back to 1986.
Camping in Deadman's Creek circa 1986
(pictured from left to right: Myself, Jennifer my childhood bff, My God-sisters Joanne and Kristine and my little brother Paul)

Here we are on a camping trip to Deadman’s Creek, a campground in the heart of the Sierra Nevada between Mammoth Lakes and June Lake. If you know the area, we stayed very near the Obsidian Dome.
Deadman Creek

We went there at least once a year in my childhood, up until I was about 14. I remember it being a lot of fun. We rode quads, collected obsidian rock (volcanic black glass) and played in the creek, which was so cold because it was a snow runoff, and campfires, tent sleeping, fishing and s’mores. Either way, it was fun…that’s the best word for it.

As much as I long for those days and miss going there, the older I get the LESS outdoorsy I feel. Maybe if I had an RV or, like I did in Yosemite a couple years back, a condo rental. I like to straddle the line between roughing it and comfort. Hike all day and sit ina spa at night, that’s for me!

I really look forward to sharing these places with Jackson as he gets older. Good times.


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