Foto Flashback Friday

Today, I take you all the way back to 1994. The place, high school. My high school, in fact. This is a picture of the main courtyard at my school dubbed “The Friendship Circle”. The people in the picture are folks that hung out in this particular quadrent in the year 1994. I was a sophmore in high school, as were most of the people in the picture. (I’m 2nd from your right on the bottom row)
Friendship Circle circa 1994
As I look at this picture, something strikes me. The ones I still know in this picture are extraordinary people. I speak to three of them regularly, one I still hear about and one other is a myspace pal. (Well, they’re all myspace pals)
In this picture you have (that I know about); two teachers, one of them in special education, a world class photographer, a married couple, a film editor, a former homeless person who was on the Jerry Springer Show, a rocker, and a couple Mamas…oh, and me, a doll designer.
It’s funny to look back and see all these grown-ups that I know as kids again. It doesn’t feel like so long ago. I looked like Peppermint Patty back then and I was proud of it! HA!

2 thoughts on “Foto Flashback Friday

  1. Sunshyne says:

    you’re adorable! in 94 I cut my hair quite like the guy in the Skull shirt.. I loved it. Now I have to look all “conservative”. I love your Photo Flashback Fridays – I’m seriously considering joining in…

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