For the book…

I’m re-crocheting some of the dolls for my book since I sold off most of the original dolls back in the day (d’oh). I got some amazing yarn from yesterday. It’s handspun wool yarn and used it to make the frog from the Amigurumi Animals Collection: (pardon the quick photo)
Amigurumi Frog
The yarn was a dream to work with and I LOVE how the frog came out! What do you guys think?
So go to and check her stuff out! Amazing.


4 thoughts on “For the book…

  1. allena says:

    your frog is sooo cute! i love that color of green. well actually i love all green but this one is a beautiful green.

  2. Sunshyne says:

    he looks so soft and cuddly, and the color is beautiful!

  3. jennifer says:

    When is your book comming out? can’t waite

  4. katy says:

    Your items are so cute!! I just love them!! I first found out about your website when I was looking for snail pictures for my french project. Your snail came up. It was so cute I had to click on it. When I saw that it was a crochet pattern I got really excited. I printed off the pattern and am going to make one for my french teacher. I can’t wait to get more patterns and start making some of your items. Thanks!!!

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