Picture of the week…

This week I have a picture of Jackson again…love him!
But it is sort of a special day, he turned 17 months today. He’s such a big kid now!
Jackson 17 months

At 17 months, Jackson’s favorite things:
*Diego…he’s mildly obsessed. He says “Go go Go!” all the time. He’s killing me.
*Drawing…Doodle pro, anyone?
*”Ca Cas” aka Crackers. More specifically, those cheese and peanut butter cracker sandwiches. Where whould we be without them? In tantrum hell…that’s where.

Least Favorite things:
*Time-outs…that’s right, my kid already gets time-outs. They only last about 30 seconds, but it’s the only threat I got. 😛
*Meat…he isn’t into it. Sometimes if spaghetti is involved or taco meat…but normally meat isn’t getting eaten.
*The Car wash. It seriously freaks him out. Seriously.

He also says “La-loo” = Love you, and gives puckered up kisses very gernerously…that makes Mama happy. That and Diego!


One thought on “Picture of the week…

  1. jennifer says:

    He is sooooooooooooooooo cute, I love his big blue eyes…

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