Foto Flashback Friday

Here we go again! This week we’re going on a road trip back to 1988. The place, Calico Ghost Town in Yermo, CA…somwhere Barstow and Vegas on Hwy 15.
I assume we were on one of our many family road trips…possibly a day trip as we only lived a few hours away in the San Gabriel Valley.
Road Trip circa 1988ish
Why did I pick it this week? My little family is planning a road trip for the end of May. Something about this photo spoke to me about the fun and an adventure of road trips!
Also…my outfit! Oh my, the acid wash, the red beret…THAT SWEATER!
The outfit alone is worth a look back.


2 thoughts on “Foto Flashback Friday

  1. mom2one says:

    Oh, THAT is great!

  2. Sunshyne says:

    hello, my acid wash purse twin. I like the outfit – seriously. I can tell you liked it too, little miss SASSY! : }

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