New Year, New Stuff!

I am in the process of making a couple new patterns that should be released her ein the next few weeks, but I have also re-released some of the patterns I had to take down for the book. I have finally weeded out the pattern from the Amigurumi Animals Collection that aren’t going to the book and have re-released it as a revised edition.

8 of the original 13 patterns remain and it’s half the price! It’s only $5.00!!

click the picture for more info.

“Tiny Yarn Animals” is on Amazon for pre-order now!
It’ll be released in August! I’m so excited!!

On a personal note: expect to hear from me more in the upcoming year. With our move and getting settle in, my brain was too scattered to get online much at all. But I am re-grouping and hoping you guys are still out there ready for more patterns! Good to be back!!


2 thoughts on “New Year, New Stuff!

  1. wendi says:

    How did your craft shows go? Did you sell finished creatures or only patterns, both? Craft shows are very challenging. I just started in December and with the weather and more than one going on at the same time, it feels like hit or miss.

  2. Monika says:

    So excited to see your upcoming amigurumi book and in English… 🙂 ! I am learning crochet and know the stitches, my only finished project so far is a soap bag. Is your book target to beginners or to the more experience crocheter ?
    Thanks !!!

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