Question of the Day?

What do you do with your old Christmas Cards?
I have a bunch of the family photo kind and I was thinking of cutting out the photos and putting them in a photo album.
For the other’s I could cut the back off and make gift tags or something…but I’d love to hear some new ideas.

In other chatter:
As some of you know, I am now a proud member of the Sacramento Craft Mafia. These ladies have some amazing stuff to check out…if you are so inclined. I am going to give you the lowdown every week on what some of these ladies are up to! Enjoy!

Killer dolls and some hilarious blogging from one of the funny ladies in Sac-town:
Missy from Crafty Carnival and her etsy shop, where you can blow your wad on some seriously cute stuff.
If you want som great inspiration or if you just need help finding those little treasures our there on the web, you NEED to check out Jen’s blog indie*galore. It’s a must read.


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