Project 365

This year I am participating in a photography challenge on Flickr called Project 365. The point of it is to take 1 picture a day for a whole year. You can start at anytime, but I started on the new year. I had a New Year’s Resolution to take more pictures and I tought taking a photo challenge or two would give me a reason to. Last year I barely took pictures and I dearly love doing it…so yeah, here goes nothing.
Above is a mosaic of my first 24 days of photos, each representing the day it was taken on. Obviously, there are lots of my kidling and my husband…but I try to make them different and somewhat representative of my day.
I have also been keeping a file of “365 rejects” which are pictures that I thought were awesome but too random or not representative to pick for “the photo of the day”…I’m going to start posting some of those too just because I think some of them are really cool.

So yeah, if you are a photo bug like I am, you should totally do it. It’s a fun challenge and MAKES you be creative at least once a day, HA!


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