Progress Report of the day…again

Last night was rather productive as well. I got a pair of earrings done and a ami-pin.
So I plan to work on some more stuff this afternoon and evening and I need to put the kits together too.
The kits are going to be awesome! The yarn is from and the pattern is my froggy!
He will only be available in the kits until my book comes out in August.
Good news for those who can’t make it to Fibertastic, I’ll be selling SOME of the leftovers on my site at the end of March.

Sacramento Craft Mafia plug of the day:
Handmade Parade is the brainchild of Claire Bone of little lovelies and Missy Ballance of Mohair Circus.Handmade Parade
It’s good stuff!


2 thoughts on “Progress Report of the day…again

  1. missy says:

    oh nuh uh! You are too good! I seriously need to get to work on this… lame lame lame! I’m sure you’ll sell all of these! CUTE!

  2. Ruth says:

    i did not know about this fibertastic! will check it out and suggest it to friends, as we are local! =)

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