More free to come!

I am making a bunch of little things to seel at Fibertastic! lately…they are really cute, so I thought I might give a few of the patterns away for free!
You already had the pleasure of meeting “The Gabu” (the name is a mix of bug and alien, since I couldn’t decide which it was) and now I’ll be releasing some pinback ami head patterns in the coming week. So far I have made a frog and birdie head pin. I also have a Lamb and a bear, but I might keep those patterns for myself…maybe. I debating on my selfishness! 😛

I am also in full swing with my final doll in my series. First there was the Elephant, then the Rhino and the Hippo should be released next Tuesday.

And don’t forget Sacramento Ladies…
If you want to come it’ll be super fun!

Also I have 2 copies of the Sacramento Craft Mafia Cookbook “Crafty in the Kitchen” to sell!
They are $10 each, so if you are interested let me know. Email me!
I have a couple recipes in there which I swear are delish and I’d be happy to sign the copy, if you are into that sorta thing.


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