Cupcakes make me happy…

This Sunday, far away in Davis, CA, something wonderful happened…a Cupcake Party!!!
Lauren of Speckled Nest was our host. She made some delicious Peanut Butter and Chocolate cupcakes. Which were decorated beautifully and tasted equally good.
Lauren's contribution
After a few minutes of greetings…out came the cameras!
bloggers who party take pictures before saying hi! (j/k)

Claire taking photos
Now let’s see the other varieties of cupcake delight…me first:
I made Lemonade cupcakes which tied for best tasting! I followed the recipe exactly except I added crushed lemon drop candies to the tops.
My lemonade cupcakes
Claire of Little Lovlies made Chocolate Chai which tied mine for best tasting. My husband preferred them to mine…ha!
Calire's Cupcakes
Amy, the Sacramento Craft Mafia President and all-around super girl, made these yummy and delicious looking cupcake cones. My vote in both best tasting and best decorated.
Amy's Cones
My pal Missy from Crafty Carnival made these kickass Chocolate-Vanilla cupcakes…yummers. Plus she designed the stamp on her decoration. Sweet!
Missy's cupcakes
Melissa Haworth of Under Construction was there too with some super yummy vanilla cupcakes with little frosted quilt squares on top…but my camera sucks and the picture I took didn’t come out…Boo. But there is a picture on her blog…check it!
Besides having yummy cupcakes to taste…there was lots of other yummy goodness including some yummy punch that I had at LEAST 4 cups of…
Yummy fruit punch
A fun time was had by all!

/end of super duper picture heavy posting. HAHA!


One thought on “Cupcakes make me happy…

  1. ennairda says:

    oh my they are all so beautiful~~~~ I really shouldn’t stare at these pictures before dinner… they are making me really hungry!

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