Home is where things are always changing…

My house has been in flux for the last few days. First, the hub decided to rip up our carpet on a whim to set the hardwoods free. We also added the curtains recently as well…
Now w/curtains
Next was the dining room. We had a perfectly fine table…a nice one, in fact. But we had horrible luck finding chairs we were happy with that didn’t cost as much as buying a whole new set. So we decided to just say “screw it all” and buy a new set and craigslist the old one. It was delivered this morning…
Before and After Dining area
We also recently added the chandelier. I had been eyeballing it at Ikea for quite some time but once I saw how cute it was in Lauren’s House…had to get it. Plus…it was FINALLY in stock. I kept striking out on that.
Next we need to tackle the bedroom or the kitchen. I think kitchen. I can sleep in a boring room for much longer than I can cook in one! HA!

On a crafty note…I should have a new pattern for some very small animals coming next week…around Tuesday, I hope. Keep an eye out!

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