The walking zombie

I am home. Actually I got home last night but I have been on full-on zombie-mode since. Maybe it was coming home to dark skies and rain, maybe it was the trauma of going through my Uncle’s funeral for what feels like a whole week…I actually think I am just decompressing today. I really did nothing. We all did nothing.
Should have gone grocery shopping…didn’t.
Should have gotten our taxes done…didn’t.
Should have done the laundry…didn’t.
Should have worked on some dolls…yup, didn’t.

What I did do was burn some photos to some cds to make room on my overly-taxed computer. My free space pie went from nearly non-existant to a nice helping. Too bad it took like 3 hours to get that done. OY. If anyone feels the need to accidentally drop an external hard drive in the mail to me…I wouldn’t send it back.

So to brighten up this otherwise dreary welcome home post…two things:
1.)New patterns! Coming to you Tuesday in the AM. Woot!
2.)Lemons! This was one of my Project 365 pictures and it makes me smile. These lemons are from my Grandparent’s backyard in Laverne, CA. I plan to turn them into something delicious this week. Lemonade perhaps. Enjoy the yellowey visual goodness.
365 - Day 51


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