Petite, Oui!

I have been hard at work this week trying to prepare for Fibertastic which is THIS WEEKEND!!! OMG. This is my first official show, smaller in scale but not in dignity. Seriously, it is going to be great. If you live in the Sacramento Area and have a free afternoon on Saturday around 3-ish…come out!

I also just got my copy of Sacramento Parent Magazine…you know, the one I’m in! Article here. It was so much fun working the phtotographer Alex Frankel and the writer Lisa Thibodeau. They made it so easy for me and Missy, who is also featured (her daughter is actually on the cover). I’m sure I’ll be working with Alex again…her photos are fantastic. You should see the photos she took of little Jackson (on her blog), breath-taking and amazing! I might be prejudiced.

So, I am trying to write more on my blog at the urging of Missy. She told me that I blog like a caveman…all pictures and no talkie-talk: “Here are my pictures, ughhh.” I will try to rectify the situation. I fully admit that I am guilty of the picture post overkill. I do promise that I will make an effort to “write” more. BUT! I cannot even imagine a blog post without a picture of some kind…and as much as you all love me, you would probably rather see some crafty goodness. Tomorrow is Tuesday, pattern release day! I have a super cute one too. Tomorrow I will unveil it officially, but today is sneak peak time…
Oui Petite Blue Girl


One thought on “Petite, Oui!

  1. missy says:

    LOL! You are sooo funny! If I told you to jump off a bridge, would you? LOLOL! JUST KIDDING, I’m such a smart ass, I’ll stop! Welcome to writing in blogland!

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