Read this: “The Knitting Circle” by Ann Hood

I finished this on the weekend and I wished it were longer. This is a good book. It’s about a woman who loses her 5 year old daughter and is introduced to knitting as a coping mechanism. Then it explores the relationships she makes with the women and men in her “Knitting Circle”…all the participants have experienced some lose or struggle and this is where they find common ground and bond.
It’s total chick-lit but it’s also just a really good read. The author actually lost a child herself and you can feel the grief in the writing, it’s so entirely heart wrenching that I cried more than a few times througout. All of the emotions conveyed really rang as true to me.
Not to mention that it was a smooth and easy read. I flew through it (in my chapter a night fashion) and instead of the usual month it takes me to get through a 350 page book…this took only a couple weeks.
So…read it!

2 thoughts on “Read this: “The Knitting Circle” by Ann Hood

  1. stitchifydotcom says:

    Did you get accepted at BazBiz??? Fingers are crossed for you!!!

    Hey peeps – check out my Roxycraft feature on today! Tamie rocks!

  2. stitchifydotcom says:

    Hi chickee! I’ll be seeing you at Baz Biz – I’ll be a volunteer there! Yay! Fun!

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