Why you should never verbalize a personal goal…

It’s the surest way to make sure you fail at it. I said a few weeks back that I planned to release a pattern every week…the following week, I couldn’t. This week will be a no-go too. My little boy is sickies. He’s got some kind of stomach bug and isn’t holding down food. We’re in the midst of Day 2. I am hoping he’ll be back up to speed soon.
Good news, I am working on a pattern collection of Toadstools that I am sure will be done by next week. They will be made to compliment the “Garden Friends” pattern released last week.
Another bit of good news…I am obviously back from Southern Cal. Easter was fantastic but we are sure glad to be back home.
Hope you all had a Happy Easter too!


2 thoughts on “Why you should never verbalize a personal goal…

  1. Amy says:

    awww…I hope he’s feeling better now! Can’t wait to see the toadstools!

  2. Jen says:

    Without goals, there is nothing to aspire to, so don’t worry about a couple of off weeks. Life is never predictable with kids!

    Any chance you might create some dinosaur patterns?

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