i <3 mushrooms

The new pattern has arrived and it’s spore-riffic! There’s a fungus among us! Well, actually, there’s two!

I am really happy with the way these two came out. Especially the blue one. And that’s only because half-way through I was sure it wasn’t turning out as I’d hoped…but it was better, hooray!
It’s up for sale on my site for $3.00.
And don’t forget to take advatage of my new “4 patterns for $10” special.

Tamie Snow


7 thoughts on “i <3 mushrooms

  1. emilynosoucy says:

    i just love them both, they’re perfect, just in time for the first spring days

  2. Josefin says:

    Ooh! They are just great! 😀

  3. Cute! I especially like the shape of the red one. I’ve seen the knitted version over at Kathyrn Ivy but I’m a better (and faster) crocheter.

  4. Amy says:

    Those are adorable! Love them!

  5. Melissa H says:

    These are so cute I’m almost tempted to learn to crochet! Yarn arts have never been my forte but maybe you could show me the basics 😉

  6. Selina says:

    Love The Mushrooms!!! Very Cute!!!

  7. lauren says:

    those are so sporin’ cute!!

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