Flower Friday!

I am starting a new feature here on the blog. Flower Friday! I have decided to start a garden…well gardening anyway. Now that we’re solidly in spring here, I can’t stand to be indoors anymore. So in order to stock up on vitamin D, I am digging in the dirt.

365 - Day 95

Every Friday from now until winter (any maybe into winter too…there’s always Amaryrillis, right?) I’ll be showing you pictures of my progress and talking about it.
If you are an experienced gardener, you will enjoy laughing at my inexperience. If you are a big old newbie like me, you can watch me learn my way around the backyard. So fun for all, right?!

Today was Day One, Week One. I have been picking up seeds here and there for weeks. Whenever I pass those seed racks, I sloooow down. Since spring has hit, my resistance disappeared. I have Dahlias, Zinnias and Poppies right now. I bought potting soil and peat pots a few nights ago and today I got started.
What I did today wasn’t brain surgery or anything…I just filled the peat pots with potting soil, made 4 shallow finger holes in each pot, dropped a seed in each hole and covered them with a little dirt.
I put them in a sunny spot (on top of our A/C unit…odd I know, but Jackson was WAAAAY too curious) that gets watered easily by the sprinkler. Fingers crossed that next week we’re still in the game!

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2 thoughts on “Flower Friday!

  1. Just found your crochet patterns and LOVE ALL OF THEM! I am thinking of making the Child’s Ball for a baby shower today… *THANK YOU!* (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  2. Amanda says:

    I’m a novice gardener too. I have fun getting dirty and sometimes my flowers actually bloom.haha. My friend Chlesey’s garden has something beautiful growing year round. She makes me sick!

    Love your shrooms! So cute. I’ll have to pick that pattern up soon and make them. Congrats on your million hits!

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