Wild Weekend…

THis weekend was a busy busy one. We somehow managed to plant sod, build a 44′ planter bed wall, got to a evening birthday party on Friday, an afternoon birthday party on Saturday, clean the house Sunday morning and THROW a party Sunday afternoon! Whew. I am tired just reading it! But you know, it was a blast! I’d take busy and hectic over being bored anyday of the week!
On Sunday I had a lunch with four of my Craty Compadres and then we trucked it down to the Historic Folsom, CA where there are some great antique stores. I escaped with my pocketbook only slightly lighter…I bought the coolest red pyrex and some bright yellow vintage jewelry. (pictures later)
The food was good, the friends were great and a good time was had by all…I hope! 🙂
365 - Day 104
I did skip Flower Friday this week, but the funny thing is, I was working in my garden all day Friday and Saturday! I planted FLOWERS too! So I’ll update all the garden changes this Friday instead. (remember what I said about verbalizing a goal…doomed!)
365 - Day 102
I will have a pattern for tomorrow! So come on back and see me tomorrow!
Teeny Tiny Sneaky Peeky:
365 - Day 101


2 thoughts on “Wild Weekend…

  1. lauren says:

    A great time was had by me!! Ooh..that cake. Dangerous. I could use another piece right about now! Thanks for the fun day. My Pyrex says hi to your Pyrex.

  2. Amy says:

    Who-ho! Fun and good food for sure!

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