Give a Hoot…

New pattern day!!!

I am especially attached to this one…I love it. Jackson is fully obsessed with the little “ow”. I can’t keep track of it. In fact, he’s curled up in bed with the little guy tightly in his fist. I wouldn’t dream of taking it back, but I like it too…I want him to sit on my desk and make me smile. Oh well, pictures will have to do.

It works up in a jiffy and as cute as can be! Give a hoot and give a “hoot hoot” to someone special this spring.
This pattern is only $1.00 until May 1st, 2008. At that time it will be bundled into a collection of like sized dolls.
I am also making a kit out of this pattern to sell at Baz Biz. I plan to have 3 different kits…the frog, this owl and a chipmunk. Cute-osity!
I hope you guys like this little guy! He looks so cute sitting in my new hydrangea bush, huh?

3 thoughts on “Give a Hoot…

  1. I commented over on the cute plush community over on LJ, but also wanted to stop by your weblog here to give kudos on this particular pattern/plush. Like I mentioned there, it reminds me of the Disney character, Stitch, whom I am a big fan of. Kudos on your design. You have a new favorite fan of your weblog here.

  2. Leslie says:

    very cute- i like the color!!

  3. ruth says:

    very cute! there’s something so kawaii about big eyes set wide apart. 🙂

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