It could happen…

and maybe you guys would be excited to see it. Recently I whipped out my old trusty sewing machine.
365 - Day 106
I am planning to translate some of my patterns to sewing patterns and dolls to sell. I am also planning on translating some of my patterns to embroidery patterns this summer. (how many times can I say pattern in one sentence!)
Crocheting just takes me a long time now with little Jackson. It would also be super nice to make something new. I love crochet, don’t get me wrong, but it’s like eating spaghetti every night for a couple of years. I’m ready for a salad. LOL
I am super interested in hearing from you guys. Do you like the idea of my designs in new mediums?


7 thoughts on “It could happen…

  1. heather says:

    I love your patterns, but crochet just isn’t for me, so I’ve never been able to make them – I love the idea of sewing patterns and would totally buy them!!

  2. lauren says:

    Dude, your designs are going to rock–no matter what medium! My sewing machine is jealous of your beautiful sewing machine portrait. Do you do commissions?

  3. greetingarts says:

    That’s a wonderful idea, you’re going to take over the world….! Can’t wait to see Roxycraft all. over. the. place. Don’t forget knitting and cross stitch, rubber stamps, and… what about polymer clay? :0) Oh, the endless possibilities. Great vision, Tamie.

  4. All I can say, YAY! I’ll be watching you chica!

  5. Sonja says:

    I think it’s great to expand your crafty horizons. Your designs will carry over wonderfully to other mediums and you will always have your good old standby, crochet to fall back on. I go through crafty mood swings all the time. Lookin’ forward to see what you come up with. 🙂

  6. Josefin says:

    That sounds like a great idea! Always fun to do something else now and then, thats why I dont stick to one medium at time. Lol, thats both good and bad. 🙂

  7. ruth says:

    i know that amigurumis are hugely popular now, and alot of knitters are jumping on the crochet bandwagon. BUT there is a growing number of sewers out there (thanks to amy butler and lotta jansdotter). with embroidery, i still feel like i’m the only one, but i hope that gains some steam too. you will totally grow your audience if you broaden your mediums! go for it! 🙂 (that’s my 2 cents worth) 🙂

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