Flower Friday

Update from last week (sorry I missed it):
We did tons. We layed sod and we extended the wall of our planter bed from 8′ to 22′. We also bought some plants; a hydrangea, fuschia, jasmine and another vine that I cannot remember the name of…haha.
Also eventful from last week, I got my first sprout.

This week we have seedlings! My little zinnia and poppy babies have burst forth from thier seeds into full-fledged sprouts!
Jackson is very nurturing of our “baby flowers” and looks on very curiously , but never touches them. It’s sweet.
We also got our SMUD free trees! If you live in Sacramento County, SMUD will give you free shade trees. We got two! We got a Chinese Pistache and an Eastern Redbud. We planted the Pistache but I don’t have pictures. We plant the Redbud this weekend.
I also planted my potted plants from last week and added two trellises for the vines. I’ll have more picture next week.

Until then…


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