Rolling out…

1.) Rolling out…the red carpet on a brand new website and blog that I’m involved with called If you like to embroider or sew, this is the new source for cute patterns coming this summer. From now until the launch their blog will have interviews with the designers(myself included), free pattern giveaways, contests and more. Bookmark it now!!! Plllleeeeeaasse?
here is a preview of some of what I am bringing to the table:
365 - Day 126

2.) Rolling out…of town. Me and the clan are heading down to Southern California tonight. My friend with gall-bladder cancer(the one chippy chip was named for) did pass away last week and the funeral is this weekend. Plus, I have a brand new baby niece to go snuggle. So all orders will be filled Monday when I get home.



2 thoughts on “Rolling out…

  1. lauren says:

    Have a safe trip, Tamie. Give and get lots of hugs. I’m so excited to be a part of pimpstitch! woot.

  2. Josefin says:

    Oooh, that sounds fun! I have bookmarked it! 😀

    Hope you have a good time away, even tho a funeral isnt something fun.

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