Pimp Stitch Freebie!!!

We have a free embroidery pattern over at Pimp Stitch and it’s super cute! This one is by my pal Missy Ballance of Mohair Circus and Crafty Carnival.


“Let’s Get This Party Started”

Next week the design will be provided by Ms. Amy Cluck who I’m sure will bring the heat and give us something super cute to stitch!


One thought on “Pimp Stitch Freebie!!!

  1. Aaliyah says:


    I am very happy that I found your blog about your cute little crochet creatures. Too cute! My little Omie will love them once I get them made. Whenever I pull out my crochet he asks me if I am making HIS blanket lol. My older son confiscated the one I had intended on giving to my MIL. Anyhow, I think he will love these. CONGRATULATIONS! on your new site. And thank you for the free design. I hope to make it soon with my daughter and will post pics as soon as we finish.

    Thanks for making crafting fun, I look forward to more.


    Aaliyah :o)

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